Coughlan welcomes Mayor's support for NZTA review

MEDIA RELEASE   I   15 April 2016

Wellington City Councillors Jo Coughlan, Simon Woolf and Simon Marsh today welcomed an NZTA led review on Wellington cycle ways.

This follows Councillor Coughlan’s meeting with Minister Bridges on Tuesday.

“On Tuesday I asked  the Minister if there was a window of opportunity for Wellington to consider alternative cycle way options and consider these along with public feedback, while retaining critical central government funding,” said Councillor Coughlan.

“The Government has allocated $36.91 million for Wellington and local Government a further $15.05 million as part of the Government’s Urban Cycleways programme in Wellington City and the Hutt Valley.

“The Minister acknowledged there is a small window of opportunity to do this, while protecting the committed central government investment in Wellington cycleways.

“A thoroughly considered cycle way that will work, be iconic, and that we can be proud of for the next 100 years would be a better outcome for Wellington than pursuing the current piecemeal approach at any cost.

“From discussions with a range of people it appears there are some other options that need to be considered.

“Simon Woolf and I met with the CEO along with Transport Portfolio Leader Andy Foster today and we were delighted that as a result of the meeting with the Minister a review is being commissioned by NZTA with Wellington City Cooperation. Work on the review will begin on Monday," Coughlan said.

Coughlan welcomes Mayor's support for NZTA review

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