Economy and Careers


Wellington can be a city of world-class jobs where people can build careers and attract global business. I will build on our work to date in the 2011 Economic Development Strategy.

  • Leverage an excellent personal relationship with Central Government. Collaboration and partnership are keys to securing funding for policies that will strengthen Wellington.

  • Establish ‘tech field days’ to put our high-tech capability on the global map. We should be New Zealand’s digital city. Wellington can be to tech what Mystery Creek is to Agriculture. We can be the Silicon Valley of the South Pacific.
  • Ensure an 'open for business' attitude. City Council must welcome opportunity.

  • Keep rates fair and reasonable.

  • Promote Wellington's uniqueness. Attracting talent and investment to our creative capital is critical to growth.

  • Promote and export public sector and professional services globally.

  • Promote our advantages, opportunities and reputation in technology, film & innovation.

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