Infrastructure and Transport


I will work with Government to accelerate the building of the City’s infrastructure.  There is money available but we need to work with Government to get the investment. We need a world-class progressive compact city. We need to grow our economy, keep the city moving and create more jobs. As Mayor I will:

  • Get traffic flowing. Double-tunnel the Terrace and Mt Victoria tunnels and four-lane along Ruahine St to the airport, as part of the larger vision of four lanes from Transmission Gully to the airport. Even electric cars still need roads! 

  • Sensible cycleways. I voted against the Island Bay cycleway because it didn't make practical sense and because I want an iconic cycleway that utilises the $36 million from Central Government, not piecemeal efforts that fritter away the fund. We can do better than trying to squeeze cycleways onto local roads.

  • Film Museum and Convention Centre. This will be a great asset to Wellington. It needs to be done on budget and on time.

  • Brand new additional 50-metre pool at Kilbirnie. Future-proof sporting infrastructure & attract international events.

  • Airport extension. The long-term view of Wellingtonians is the priority over the short-term view of some airlines. If the City contributes, our shareholding must reflect that. It can’t be a donation.

  • Public Transport. Continue to advocate for efficient and on time service and the best possible options for the City.
  • Work with Government to attract hotel investment and other tourism infrastructure.
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