Candidates should come clean

NEWS RELEASE: 28 July 2016

Mayoral Candidate Jo Coughlan said today it has become clear that mayoral candidates are running with hidden agendas and some still clearly did not understand they are running in a STV not FPP election.

Coughlan called on all the candidates to ‘front up’ to voters and declare their true intentions as to why they are standing.

“We need new leadership at Wellington City Council,” Coughlan said.

"However it is amazing that some candidates are not prepared to state clearly their real intention for standing and don’t seem to understand the STV voting system used in the Capital.

“It is most unlikely, if not impossible, for one candidate to win over 50% of first preferences in a STV election in Wellington.

“What the polling is showing is that there is real momentum behind my campaign – more than any other.”

“I am making it very clear that I am standing for the Mayoralty, not as a ward councillor and not to raise my profile for a tilt at parliament. I call on all other candidates to publicly state their real intentions.

“So far we have a number of candidates standing with various agendas including increasing their chances of re-election to Council, election to parliament and even to gain profile to look at establishing a new centre-left political party.

“Wellington voters deserve a Mayor who will lead the City and is 100% committed to running for the right reasons.

“The other candidates need to come clean otherwise their intentions might seem a bit ‘murky’.”

Coughlan said she was very pleased with the feedback she had been receiving that her campaign was very visible and her campaign messages including ‘four lanes to the planes’ and ‘toot for a second tunnel’ showed unambiguous leadership in terms of fixing Wellington’s roading problems.

“My campaign is gaining good traction. The polling shows that with good support with second, third and fourth preferences from those supporting other candidates, I can win in the final count.

“My promise is to get Wellington ready for the next 100 years of growth and make this city a place where future generations can thrive.

“We need to secure the $1 billion of government funding for roads and cycle ways and we should not settle for less. I will lead this city and take our agenda to Government, identify areas of commonality for NZ Inc, and agree a course of action for the growth of the Capital and the part government can play in that."

Candidates should come clean

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