Letter to the Editor - response to 7 May Editorial

POSTED: 10 May 2016 

Dear Sir/ Madam, your editorial of May 7th is to be applauded. It appears you have been reading my media releases. When I announced my candidature for the mayoralty I made it clear that improvements of city infrastructure was my top priority. I take a 100 year strategic view on infrastructure. I will work with Government now to accelerate building of city infrastructure.  We need to grow our economy, keep the city moving and create more jobs.

Three weeks ago I meet with the Minister of Transport to get a “window of opportunity” to relook at the city’s cycleways. We need a solution that works and that we can all be proud of for the next 100 years.

We need more action.  Residents are frustrated they are sitting in their cars trying to get about. Wellingtonians have been let down on roading.

I appreciate the consultation is important, however in my view we need to double-tunnel the Terrace and Mt Victoria tunnels and see four lanes along Ruahine St to the airport. Wellington’s Mayor must lead on this and that is my commitment.

Those opposed to getting things underway as soon as possible on double tunnelling and taking a 100 year view on infrastructure should vote for other mayoral candidates. I want to get this done.

There is no point growing our port and airport capacity if we can't get freight and passengers to them.  Sensible cycleways have a place but squeezing cycleways onto local roads hasn't worked well. Electric cars still need roads.

I want Wellington to be a city where my children can get a world-class job. We need to future-proof the city to accommodate growth.

A strong and thriving local economy means we can afford to invest more in social infrastructure and the environment. We need to upgrade more pools, park-spaces and sports fields.  Supporting our libraries in a changing world and working on affordable housing also require strong council leadership. Our city needs to continue to enhance its environment.

Wellington can be great again, but we can't do it alone and we should not settle for less.  I will take our agenda to Government, identify areas of commonality for NZ Inc, and agree a course of action for the growth of the capital and the part government can play in that.

We have done some good things here in Wellington, but we need to do more. We need to take a 100 year view but take more action now to ensure our Capital city gets a fair go from Government and continues to be a fantastic place to live.

Jo Coughlan

Letter to the Editor - response to 7 May Editorial

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